Out Of Your Bubble, Finding The Touch Points

In this article, we would like to address the issues of communication and finding the common points. This is valid for both personal relation and in a bigger sense for general finding of a product-market fit.

Everyone is in his own world. Whether it is language differences or personal preferences, your agenda is not the same as the others agenda. And they don’t know exactly same what you know. So for good or bad, take everyone as they are and move with them. If it doesn’t work, refine your assumptions as you go. The decision is based on critical point and on the number of events you had with a person. 

Assume all people are good people and go from there. As you go, collect the data and adjust the final conclusions. Maybe this approach is wrong or too scientific, we don’t have the other yet, but at least it is the one that helps us to operate at the moment. 

Don’t pretend to own someone, to have small touch points that unite is enough. Let a person feel comfortable. Your world is not their world and pushing it till you found enough common ground is not a good idea. Let it go naturally, if it works, good, if not move on. There is risk inside, that’s the reason that keeps the opponent still away. Do your job and the rest will come. One needs natural “getting used-to” so it feels safe and good.

Whether it is team building or finding a product-market fit, you deal with people and their needs. One thing is to believe, the other is to see whether it will work. Asking a set of questions is indispensable, knowing how to ask and whether the way you ask is good enough is important. Learn from the best, apply their frameworks, search for challenges, make deadlines and don’t hesitate to change the course if it does not work. 

Brainstorming with your team helps, searching for what you don’t know or rather what you don’t like and making the opposite of it, what is it that you would like, and then go and ask where can you have it. What is difficult as a first-time entrepreneur, or its just maybe our character, that your iterations should take way less time. This is because you don’t have the information to make the informed decisions and its acquisition takes time. Having few datapoints is enough to judge and paint the projections. 

Having the right questions and answers why it will work or why it won’t work is important. But don’t be afraid you don’t know it, someone ever had to do a first move. Over time you get smarter and make smarter decisions. Nobody is born with it, it is either acquired from environment/surrounding you are into or gained with hard work. The fact is you need both. Especially in digital age the access to information is relatively easy and requires only persistence. 

Don’t bend anyone, listen, just watch the streaming and adjust as you go. There is natural capability for everyone, if it doesn’t go, change it and keep changing it till you are satisfied. 

Mental toughness is an indispensable trait. The reason why one becomes sad is because of the expectation and the reality. When you set no expectation but just watch, you will feel better. Search for ways how to achieve your target, focus on this and not on the past. Past is already gone, now you have today and the future. The beauty is not in the event, but in the process. Event is a single data point, but the process is the orchestration of multiple small atomic events and the mixture of them gets you to success. Therefore it is so painful and rewarding. 

Everyone is in its own bubble, and to succeed you need just a slight overlap/touch point between them. Everyone has own world, but it is enough to have something that can unite you and bring forward.


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