How To Nurture The Market When There Is None, And How A-LabInsider Can Help

In this article, we would like to introduce you what we know about market nurturing and what are the steps, while your unfair advantage with us and secrets we will cover in a whitepaper, exclusive to our family members. Feel free to get in touch at to ask for it. 

Nurturing the market, in general is a tough process but also is the most rewarding. At the end, whatever you do will take you same amount of time, with the only difference that end target you pursue within that activity should be big enough to cover for that pain you tolerated. This seems obvious though not so many get it. And the tool how to achieve it faster depleting the market in academic segment is what A-LabInsider offers you. 

You invented something new, either product or service and would like to distribute it to multiple labs for them to take advantage of it. The problem is that nobody knows you and nobody searches for you if you introduced indeed something completely new. On the other hand if you do that what people know but from a different angle or perspective than you may use the same keywords in search to get in front of your customer. Whatever of these, you have to get to the end user and transfer your value. What to do when there is no market? That is not completely true. While many entrepreneurs like to tell it, there is always a market, a market is essentially a group of people who is supposed to use your product. And if they don’t use “that looks like your product” it doesn’t mean anything, because if they would do then what’s the point of you to enter besides being cheaper or free. 

So coming from basic understanding that market means a group of people who can use your product, the question starts how to find that group of people, show up to them, and start working with them. A-LabInsider equips you with data on such people and pinpoints which people to talk to. Besides, we are your recurrent supplier of news and information on changes so you can stay safe over long period of time. From the above it becomes obvious how to nurture the market – get to it first, and then keep contact showing up in multiple places from time to time without annoying much through one channel. 

That being said, the first step is to define the audience. We work with academic segment and here you can pick what labs are in your audience. Providing multiple search options helps to narrow down and iterate to find the response to see who is responding well and who needs to be dropped. Once the audience is defined one is ready to proceed to steps defined in Introductory Email: Best Practices And Templates article we wrote before. There are always early adopters and those who will come later, as well as those that will never come, but we hope you find a way how to reduce such number of prospects to as small as possible to enable more people to enjoy your product. 

Once your audience is defined, you can proceed to the next step introducing yourself and your product or service and explaining its value. Development of market essentially means nurturing with information, cultivating the need, getting in front of a prospect and generating the more demand. Here A-LabInsider can help to find the right audience and bring you to the right prospect, but also to let you work backwards – from “where is and who is my customer” to “what’s the market so what I can do for it”. Such market intelligence is our unique standpoint where you can get acquainted with the research that takes place in academic segment across multiple topics, locations, and institutions. 

When you picked up low hanging fruits from your initial contact, continue nurturing both those who adopted and those who not or still in indecisive state. Being present is important to whatever you do. And that the others see that you’re present. Consider big tech companies, the way how they become ubiquitous is by being present everywhere where they can, by entering into networks/customer base of other companies, by establishing product partnerships, etc. Drill into one channel for as long as it doesn’t move the needle anymore, once it’s depleted go to the next channel. And so continue iterate. A-LabInsider helps boost your business, once you become big, we will make you another product, however at this stage where you are now this product lets you kickstart whatever you have there. And continue putting wood into the fire. Your success rate is too low? That’s true for many services, but it is low because the numbers were low or the tools were ineffective. With A-LabInsider you have up to 40K labs in front of you, when the numbers are this high, someone will agree on your service, the rest is strategy and market development. And here we help you.

How to be with those who haven’t converted yet or some reason decided not to pursue now? If they haven’t said yes, means that they haven’t seen the value for them yet or there are other unspoken concerns they have in mind without openly claiming them. Whatever reason, they didn’t become interested yet. And this is the job to make them interested and don’t forget that you exist together with the value they can get from you, and even more, if you can trigger that demand to occur in the near future, then voila you nailed it down. 

While nurturing the market has multiple actions, in general all of them can be allocated to physical or virtual. And the same what you do physically you can do virtually, while virtually you reach way more people at a less cost and those who came you can work with them physically to engage, interact and eventually convert. Overall, all the techniques of nurturing the market come to your creativity where to find the audience and what to do for it so it stays with you, refers you and comes for more. Having created a product is same important as transferring it in the hands of end user so you can prosper and the economy can see the influence of your product on the market or that group of people whatever you call it. The job of A-LabInsider is to help you boost and maintain you over time providing you the information and showing how the market changes and how you can adapt to it finding your right place or right offering to those who exist there. 


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