How to find rare Raman spectroscopy labs who work with Applied Biosciences? - Take a challenge!

A strategic view on Life Science research in Europe opens more opportunities for collaboration. 

The challenge

The client, one of the top Pharma companies, was interested to increase a network of potential partners in Raman Spectroscopy. The client requested to find academic Life Science labs that work with Raman spectroscopy for biological applications. The search requirements were not restricted by geography and included the frequency of produced research outputs in a topic of interest.

The solution

By leveraging the technology, we rapidly mapped out academic partners and screened them further on selected KPIs. Applying a set of characteristics, we identified partners who corresponded to client’s needs and applications. The depth of information penetration and coverage was critical for fulfilling the client requirements. 

The impact

We reduced the retrieval time for the client from 2-3 weeks with alternative services down to few days, while keeping the depth of coverage 3X higher. The client was able to find more partners for networking and potential future projects.

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