How To Cause A Change

This article can be interesting to those who want the world to think their way. 

Please note that we are not the experts and can only provide our opinion what we believe is true based on our past experiences we made. It does not exclude that this way is the only right, or that others may not be good, we just convey what we believe is true. 

As a first step to change is to be a change. What we mean is, everything starts from you. If you can change yourself, you can also change something else around you. Looking inside of you and overcoming your barriers, fears or whatever other constraints can be is a first path to success. 

The next is providing a support to those who ask for change. Supporting a change if a change is good is enabling your next stage. 

Introducing a change and seeing a feedback from it is keep playing till the change became big enough. The process is very iterative, the plans do not hold, the adjustment is required all the time. 

Change in itself is difficult. Introducing a change to someone’s mind is difficult. Having a path to change and sticking to agenda adapting when necessary is a priority.

Paradigm shift. This is the final and most time consuming. Belief system is an indispensable part of a human functioning, almost like a faith, take it and if no substitute available can be mind blowing. When there is a new path, the paradigm is possible.

Here we were brief. It’s because we still don’t know what is right, the re-evaluation will come later. Stay tuned!


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