Are you beating the odds? A new tool for systematic analysis of research labs

Have you ever wanted to have a tool that allows you to quickly check what are your options in strategy selection? Like a check what are the options and in what direction should you move? Is this the right choice? What expects me after that? Everyone has a strategy. Blind, half-carved, systematic or none. What we are proposing is a tool that can reach any lab in Bioscience in Europe and select top labs in any topic you want. It’s magic.

Everything started from frustration why there is no resource that shows all available research labs. In Europe, Germany or any other country of interest. It made life choices hard and unpredictable. For single persons. For companies, it meant the necessity to search for other companies who have a good outreach to academia and then wait on them till they find something suitable. We are changing that by offering a service that shows you immediately what labs are there. And you, as a customer, can check it by yourself and decide what you prefer the most.

We collect data about existing research labs in Life Sciences in Europe and put them on one platform. We work with Molecular Bioscience labs only, those that are involved in Experimental Biology. This includes Molecular Medicine, Bioinformatics and Bioengineering too, but no descriptive research like pure botany and zoology. Experimental research only.

Once we have data on existing labs, we do their further profiling by their publications and their performance metrics. That said, we can pull e.g. all labs in Virology in Europe and rank them by e.g. average impact factor/year. Thereby, finding you the best labs in the field. Alternatively, we can look at publications of available labs and find you those that ever worked with e.g. subcellular RNAs. Are we better than PubMed? Yes, we are. Because we give you labs and their performance year over year, and Pubmed shows you the most relevant single publications.

Inspired by Mckinsey & Company book “Strategy beyond the hockey stick” and the Power Curve, we implement its approaches into Bioscience research.

Feel free to check out our pages for more information about our vision and capabilities. Any suggestions or advice are very welcome.

With warmest regards,

Inna Zaimenko

PhD, Founder and CEO of A-LabInsider UG

Post date: 16.04.2019