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In this article, we would like to cover that what wasn’t covered before, namely all the benefits of A-LabInsider App it proposes. In the Academic labs automation – The Whys, Whats & Hows we explained the reasons why people look for labs rather than authors and what are the obstacles and the current state of it. Here we want to bend reality a bit in the A-LabInsider quadrant and bring up what is it that is decisive why to choose our service. Below the reasons are listed:

1. Always live market of labs, only actual groups shown

Though it seems obvious some people still questioned “how do I know that they are not outdated” – we completely understand however such question excludes what our business does – we monitor the websites. And “outdated” labs we don’t have by definition, because those labs that were 10 years ago are simply can’t be with us, we only look on those that exist. And those that were in the past, such information we don’t have. 

Live market of labs has a big advantage – it is a snapshot of what is going on currently all over the Europe. Having it and being with us, allows you to stay informed always about the latest. Here our business model also plays to advantage – because once committed you get such opportunity to watch the market forever with no need to pay subscriptions. 

2. Built-in literature search and analytics

No need to tell probably how important is this. Many companies outsource to extract authors or do some AI on literature to make a custom solution for their problem. Those solutions of course go by authors which are millions if not to say simply, “just too many to chase”, and besides you don’t know their purchasing power and decision making. One can also do by principal investigators extracted from grants, however it is uncomfortable not to know their lab, essentially not having information from their website. And here the A-LabInsider comes to hand with built-in literature search, analytics and websites. 

3. Spying on websites to let you know which new labs arrived and where

This is an exclusive function, which we grant you once you committed to us. We think there is no need to describe it in detail as it is clear why it is so important and what one can do with it. What we will just say is that we as a company are committed to bring our users the best products and fill their needs by constantly identifying them.

4. No annual subscriptions

Many companies, especially the smallest are driven off by subscriptions. On one hand the product doesn’t work for them as it wished to be, on the other hand continuing paying subscriptions for that what doesn’t bring much to them is not a good deal. We understand that everyone has to do business and for that reason invented a model to serve those companies and still delight them. 

5. Ability to re-target same labs on other platforms

This is something that people often forgot. We are not just data that you see in front of you. We created a technology which can be versatile and adopted to multiple levels of engagement. Being diverse is important as going the same way and expecting different results will not lead much. We gave you a toolbox which you can apply in multiple directions to judge and understand your user. One of this is also retargeting and our tool is enough to narrow down the audience and kickstart the other things with it. We created you a frame, and how will you fill that frame is on you. Very interesting to see how multiple companies will apply it in their tailored way. 

6. Ridiculously low one-off fee

This is unbelievable to many, but true to us. If still don’t like it, jump off. But who will disagree with a just one-time investment and if the rest what we promise will be true, than you got indeed an enormous deal – dedicated to your business development and with the mind about our users. Giving it a try makes sense.

7. Option to take advantage of other products on a smart payment program

This is a new feature that we recently introduced. The idea is not to be boring offering same, but to give you the opportunity to try multiple solutions for an economy price and maximum value on it. This is good for you as you can explore more and the more you do obviously the better your business gets. And it allows us to test the market and see what is beloved, more data gives the freedom to operate.

8. Lifetime license and updates

This goes close with 4. however not just about money but about the value, which is lifetime. And this means a lot, especially when your sale cycle takes 18 months on average and the number of leads in the market is relatively low but the pricing to them is high. With A-LabInsider you have no need to look on a calendar when to cancel that subscription just to save and since you found already everyone, or you think you found you prefer to close it as it is enough. But how to stay on the market pulse with no service? Here A-LabInsider comes handy as we want you to be constantly aware even when you get bigger with us. And don’t forget when we update something you also get it for free. And this is only when you became a part of our family 🙂

9. Unlimited number of users per company

This is good, very good as you can stay flexible who does the job, one person or ten people. And depending on your stage brainstorming what one sees from the data all together is nicer as working alone. At the end it’s the company with its products who should succeed not just one person, right?

10. Dedicated customer support

All software is software, and if something happens or breaks or someone complains we are here to help. Just drop us a message, we will respond asap. Any more reason why you should choose A-LabInsider? 


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