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Academic Life Science labs in Europe and analysis of their research at your fingertips. No coding required.

Ever worked with academic labs? Know how frustrating it can be… They are many, diverse and dispersed across websites of hundreds of institutes. Want a structured solution? A-LabInsider offers an App which is loaded with labs and intelligence to sift through them based on their research.


Monitor research content of academic life science labs in Europe. Compare data by their webpages and produced research outputs.


Test your hypothesis fast by selecting the labs that fit your search parameters. Adjust your hypothesis as you go, you are free to play around and compare. 


Whole Europe is covered. You are in the right hands. No lab is missed, all market of academic life science is in front of you.

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Simple & Powerfull

Market intelligence on scale, provided by web and literature.

Starting a business and target academic life science labs in Europe? A-Labinsider is a perfect solution for your business development goals. No upfront fees. No expensive subscriptions. You purchase an App with data and intelligence inside and have it forever. For one fee. All maintenance and update are available from the cloud.

Simple & Powerfull

Business development is about many goals, but one is for sure – how to penetrate the market. Our App gives you necessary data to navigate business growth and keep tabs on each lab at once. 

Our mission

Expertise combined with data to produce business outcome

A-LabInsider is on the mission to provide a clear picture of available market for any hypothesis you may have. With structured analytics of academic life science labs by applying web monitoring and literature mining, we  generate a precise view on the market to enable structured business growth. We want to enable everyone who works with academic life science labs to be able to derive a clear picture of any state one is interested in.


Inna Zaimenko

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Inna Zaimenko A-LabImnsider

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The most comprehensive coverage of available Life Science research. A new way to solve an old problem.

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An innovative approach for identification of potential partners and a better understanding of the scientific landscape.

What differentiates us?

A technology to segment market and retrieve insights:

  • Segmentation by research laboratories.
  • 100% coverage of geographical regions.
  • Native, original search within research outputs.
  • Complete market overview.

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  • Innovation
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