Analytics of academic Life Science market:
content, dynamics, trends

While others sift through literature, we sift through research labs, narrowing down the search and providing with market dynamics down to single labs. It provides a precise view on academic market, opening a new perspective.

Academic Life Science labs &
their research content

Worldwide. In hand.

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Our Clients

The most comprehensive coverage of available Life Science research. A new way to solve an old problem.
Christian Tidona
Managing Director BioMed X Innovation Center
An innovative approach for identification of potential partners and a better understanding of the scientific landscape.
Hubert Paul
Head of Innovation & IP management Roche Diagnostics

Case studies

Our technology finds laboratories in your proximity, which have the device you need to conduct an important experiment.

Identifying emerging market for a widely spread topic. Learn how we equipped top Biotech manufacturer with market data.

Overview of the market helps European distributor to find the right partners.

A strategic view on Life Science research in Europe opens more opportunities for collaboration.

Learn how we equipped top Pharma company with insights in Virology research in Europe.

We do analytics on...

Research institutes
EU countries

Infinite Life Science topics

It is not just a portfolio of labs. It is a technology to segment market and retrieve insights.

What differentiates us?

✑ Segmentation by research laboratories.
✑ 100% coverage of geographical regions.
✑ Native, original search within research outputs.
✑ Complete market overview.







In comparison to alternative services that rely on extraction of information from research publications.

We provide information to...

senior management, innovation, business development, product and marketing managers.

What packages we offer you?


✐ Search for partners; career, project strategy


✐ Market research - segmentation by research labs and their research content


✐ Sales services with our analytics to increase your sales (for lab device & reagent manufacturers)

Looks interesting?

Get in touch with us and request a free data sample designed for your needs. Feel free to start project with us, we analyze your problem and provide best possible solution with the data. 

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