All Academic Life Science labs in Europe Up to 40,000 websites monitored

All Academic Life Science Labs In Europe 40,000+ labs from 660+ institutions in 33 countries

Data Mining At Scale For Every Biotech Company. Just Like An AI On Academic Labs To Grow Your Business In Europe.

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Happy Customers All Around the World

The most comprehensive coverage of available life science research. A new way to solve an old problem.

christian Tidona

Managing Director BioMed X Institute

An innovative approach for identification of potential partners and a better understanding of the scientific landscape.

Hubert Paul

Head of Innovation & IP management Roche Diagnostics

Data mining to identify life science labs, their current research and stay updated on newcomers and their research. An enabler to build a relationship.

Marcus Weth

CEO Nanosurf GmbH

Helps us stay on the cutting edge of science and a useful link in the process of finding meaningful partnerships.

Joette Crosier

Laboratory Manager Kääpä Biotech Oy

Why A-Lablnsider?

A-Lablnsider is the best way for business development l-on-l with academic labs in Europe. Your primary source on academic labs.

Lifetime license and update

We put your goals first, develop your market steadily.

Smart payment program

We know your pain, no ticking clock and budget tightening anymore.

Complete coverage

Whole Europe is covered, plenty of labs for any topic.



Narrow down to labs that
fit your context

Live market of research labs in Europe.

Select labs that are in your target and screen their literature.

Smart visual analytics with an option to work offline.

Algorithmical search through 30 Millions of publications.

Up to 40,000 parallel literature searches.


Stay updated on newcomers

Track market dynamics.

See labs which recently received budget.

Find early adopters or labs with a right mindset.


Being in tech ourselves we know how difficult it is to get your technology adopted. Therefore we invented a way how to enable your business

  • Get overview of all prospects at once
  • Select those that fit
  • GDPR Compliant
  • Enabled by tech
  • Cold prospecting 2.0
  • Put them in a pipeline

How the buying process works?

Data and Software
License Agreement
Invoice paid
Installation files and
credentials sent
You are ready to go!
Enjoy the labs


Business development is about many goals, but one is for sure – how to penetrate the market. The App gives you the necessary data to navigate business growth and keep tabs on each lab at once.


Whatever your goal to academic labs is, we believe it is important enough

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