Miss an experiment to finalize the paper?

Our technology finds laboratories in your proximity, which have the device you need to conduct an important experiment.

The challenge

The client, a founder of A-LabInsider,  had experienced the need to acquire more data to finalize the paper. The equipment of interest to perform key experiments was pretty rare and out of the scope of known contacts or collaborations. 

The solution

The technology was leveraged to find the research laboratories that have the equipment of interest to finalize the research project. The atomic force microscope was found at several laboratories, which were unknown to the researcher host laboratory before. The researcher got in touch with target laboratories to request access to conduct important experiments. 

The impact

By leveraging the technology, the researcher was able to find the necessary equipment and add more data points to a research project. The solution allowed to find the required partners and add new dimensions to finalize the paper.  

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Image source: www.unsplash.com